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Firm floats new way of life on the waterfront
Sat 26th Jan 08 - 15:13

Forget a round-the-world cruise on the high seas - if you want some luxury living on the water, then Lake Lothing in Lowestoft could be the place to go.

Instead of lily pads around the edges of the lake, deluxe pads are set to spring up courtesy of a developer who is looking to pioneer a new breed of water homes in the UK.

David Beard, chairman of the Waterliving UK company, has been involved in high-level talks with the 1st East Urban Regeneration Company, which has been tasked with breathing new life into waterfront areas in Lowestoft and Yarmouth.

Now the idea of creating a community on the water could be realised after proposals to regenerate the rundown Brooke Peninsula were submitted to Waveney District Council - with water living playing a significant part in the plans.

However, anyone interested in a new way of living will need to dig deep, with the water homes expected to go on the market for between £300,000 and £450,000.

Mr Beard said: “The water living concept is prestigious. They are really penthouses on water and are built to a very high specification. It is a Danish concept and I am now seeking to create communities on the water in the UK.”

The application still needs to be given the go-ahead by planners at Waveney and the dream of water living in Lowestoft may take another three to five years to realise.

In the meantime, research will take place to ascertain the level of demand for the new breed of water homes. It is estimated up to 50 units could be moored off the Brooke Peninsula, but Mr Beard said they could also be adapted for other uses.

“The development could be residential, with a hotel, restaurants and offices. It depends on the demand profile for the area,” he added.

“I think they will make a tremendous investment. They will sell because there will only be a limited opportunity to buy one and they don't compare with anything else.”

Waterliving has a range of different house boats, which are secured by diagonal ties to two piles, allowing them to rise and fall with the water, but not move side to side.

The largest model, a two-storey house called the Swan, covers 2,650sq ft, is wood-clad, with three large bedrooms and two bathrooms. Mahogany decks with outdoor terraces are also listed as a major selling point.

The planning application for the Brooke Peninsula, submitted by CKS Development, also features 650 homes on dry land, a retirement home, shops and offices.

26 January 2008 10:59

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